Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Finding House...

I got a bad news this morning :(
We were planning to move to a new house this weekend which all of us had really liked. But the broker said that the landlord now wants more rent and so it finally turns out to be no deal ! So here we are back to square again....

Today over dinner we had an interesting conversation about the same. We basically explored the advantages and negetives of buying a property in bangalore. All of us being not from Bangalore, our main aim to buy a property is to save on the tax that Uncle Chindambaram levies on us. While Sada and Anurag are planning to buy it here, I am definitely buying a flat in Mumbai or Pune. My family being there, it makes a lot of sense investing there than in Bangalore.

So looks like it's gonna be another house hunt weekend waiting for us. Hopefully we would find a good house where I would get nice parking place for my car. If I don't find it before my car finds me, well, the poor baby would have to be parked somewhere nearby. Finally I really hope Hemant buys the Alpine system for my car....that should be a good justice for someone who is so crazy about music.

BTW, you must wondering this....Sada, Anurag and Hemant are my friends whom I stay with in Bangalore. Did I tell you that Bhai (Bhavana) is now in Bangalore....she is my friend from my previous job in Mumbai. Spoke to her this evening and looking forward to meet her this Friday evening. I am so happy she is gonna stay very near to my office !

Signing off for now friends.....have a good one !


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