Friday, March 24, 2006

Susie or something else?

Here is something for you all...

Yes, it's my car !!! Too bad she has to be called a car since I am not quite successful in deciding on a name for her yet :(
BTW, I think Susie is gonna be the one...

Can't resist sharing the inside view...:)

Nothing much to say at this point...looking forward to the trek I am going for tonight. We would go to Shimoga from here by bus and then cover 3-4 places over the weekend. A visit to Dabbe Falls in the heat should be pleasent.
See you all on Monday !!!!


Blogger Sue said...

Ooh my car has a name too! She's an Alto called Ally (my brother name her...)

12 April, 2006 02:50  
Blogger Albatross said...

Guess what...I've named her Susie Derkins :) No prizez for guessing who she is!!

09 May, 2006 04:02  

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