Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Times..They Are Changing..

Yes, I am one of the million Bob Dylan fans...and I'm stuck in a middle with my laziness ! Ignoring a lot of resistance from my fingers, here I am...

One of the highlights of this week are I joined orkut !!! After all those invitations flowing in from everyone, I had to join it. I reached the website and so happy to see that my google login works there and I wouldn't have to create one more new id which I would forget in few days :) Seriously...can someone gimme the "magic mantra" of remembering all the ids and passwords you are asked to create on every website you visit?

Anyways, coming back to my title for this post...the number of ways people seek each other these days really surprises me. I mean look at Orkut...I asked my friend what do I do after logging in and the answer comes -"make your own network! Isn't it wonderful you already know some 22,33,444 people even before you have not added anyone in your friend list yet!". There is also some other site I think called "hi5" where you can find people and make your own circle of friends. Where are the days gone when the only way to make friends was to "meet and talk" than "read from them and write to them and probably never meet them" !

Sometimes I feel we are moving closer to machines than humans. If I feel lonely these days, I pick up that phone and talk to people and not meet them over tea/coffee. You tend to spend the weekend in front of the fabulous invention called Television Box. And there is a new virus which infects mostly bachelors...it's called "Office Syndrome" !!! I have quite a few friends who go to work even on weekends just because they can't think of anything better to do ! Come on guys, pick up a book and grab a cup of coffee ! That's the best way I can think of relaxing on a weekend if you are by yourself.

So...times... they are changing...but are they changing for good?


Blogger ichatteralot said...

Not sure - this is definitely not a good thing - one must have a life other than work and must talk and meet real people rather than virtual ones. I think all we have achieved so far is to 'virtualize' our existence even more with online chats, email and blogs.

09 May, 2006 23:39  
Blogger Kausum said...

Agree with you. And then we see invitatations for blog meets, orkut meets. We want to meet the poeple whom we fraternize on a daily basis using chats, blogs etc.

11 May, 2006 11:43  
Blogger Sue said...

Finally tracked you down. Went to a couple of blogs where you're listed, but didn't see anything by you.

Funnily enough, was wondering whether I want to sign up at Orkut today. What a coincidence!

17 May, 2006 05:17  
Blogger Albatross said...

Welcome sue !

Yeah, I am on quite a few blogs but as you've noticed..contributions are few ! I attribute it to my impatience when it comes to typing more than 3-4 lines...

Hopefully I will be posting more regularly....folks like you,chatterbai,kausum are the inspirations :)

19 May, 2006 05:15  

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